The bun has left the oven!

Be careful what you wish for.  Seriously.  I was talking to some friends about my sister-in-law’s pregnancy and I said “I wish Lizet would have the baby this weekend so I could come down and see it over the long weekend.”  Well, that’s exactly what happened.

Thankfully everything went without a hitch for my favorite newbie parents.  Although I only spent an hour with the baby, I have a feeling she’s going to be pretty low maintenance.  She only fusses when we do things like change her diaper or adjust her blanket.  When it’s all over, she lulls right back to sleep.  She’s also a very heavy sleeper like her Obasan (that would be me — the Japanese word for Aunty).  She slept like a rock while being passed among three relatives, all who cooed nonstop for almost an hour. 

Here she is.  6 pounds 15 ounces, 19 inches long, full head of black hair, compulsory blue birthmark on her backside (proof of membership to the Mongolian race).  Her name is Sienna Kira Young.  Later on in the day, my brother asked me if seeing Sienna made me want to have a baby of my own.  Nah, I don’t want a baby . . .  I want THAT baby!  She’s perfect!


5 responses to “The bun has left the oven!

  1. She’s beautiful!!! Take a picture of the birthmark.

  2. Most of her backside is blue, but not like a bruise. Can’t take a picture of that! Thankfully, Lizet’s doctor is Chinese so she knows about the blue birthmark thing. When I was born, my doctor didn’t know about it and he thought I was bruised during the delivery. My mom assured him, no, that’s just the way it is with our babies.

  3. Since Latins are of Asian origin (or at least those with indigenous backgrounds) some Latins have that birthmark as well. This was news to me, as I did not have the blue birthmark.

  4. it is so appropriate for me to see “Encantadora” every time I see this Baby with her happy papa. Congratulations again. Any updates?

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