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Stories from Africa: Hello again, Kitty


Stories from Africa: In Africa, the clouds never sit still

Like a kaleidescope, the elements of the sky in Africa are constantly moving and changing.  One could sit back and watch the horizon for hours and it would never look the same one moment to the next.

Stories from Africa: My favorite safari shots

Stories from Africa: Gentle Giants

Stories from Africa: Bringing up Baby

Although we were fortunate enough to see ONE cheetah during our safari (the handsome guy above), we were unable to spot the elusive and shy leopard, so this movie still from Bringing Up Baby will have to do.

Bringing Up Baby

Stories from Africa: Hello Kitty

Stories from Africa: By perseverence, the dung beetle reached the ark

One of the smaller exotic specimens we spotted during our safari was the African dung beetle, who spends the majority of its time eating and rolling dung into perfectly round balls for its offspring to live off of.  This unsung hero (or garbage man, if you like) of the African wilderness works tirelessly to break up dung and bury it, thus fertilizing the land.

Unfortunately for this particular dung beetle, he and the large ball of dung he spent hours rolling were run over by the van following us.  Seconds after I snapped his picture, we heard a loud crunching sound and that was the end of poor Mr. Dung Beetle!