Bringing Up Baby

I’m spending a few days with my little niece while my brother is out of town on a business trip.  Thankfully, he had the good judgment to purchase and set up a brand new iMac loaded with all his pics of the baby before I arrived.

Happily, I cooked meals for both of us while Lizet was constantly tending to the baby’s insatiable appetite.  In moments of quiet (they have been few) I snuck away and borrowed some pics of the baby from the iMac.

Being with a newborn 24/7 requires having a good sense of humor when the baby pees on you, spits up on you, or cries inconsolably because no matter what you do, you’re not her mommy.  Thanks to Sienna’s incomparable cuteness, I weathered through it all.   Fortunately for me, Lizet took care of some of the worst case scenarios like the blowout bowel movement that soiled the baby’s clothes and back.  (A trip to the grocery store spared me from that one!)

Imagine Mexico was playing a World Cup match against a team of joint Japan-China team. In this case, Mexico clearly won the battle of the genes as Sienna looks a lot more like her Mexican great-grandma than her Chinese one.

Here’s a pic of Roscoe as a small but strong puppy.  He used to be the baby of the house but now he’s Sienna’s babysitter.  Poor dog didn’t see that coming!


One response to “Bringing Up Baby

  1. Hi, it’s me enjoying the pretty little Sienna’ pictures in your blog. She is certainly Kirei, Guapa, Mei-li. Enjoy your happy moments with her.

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