Kirei / Guapa / Mei-li

Kirei is beautiful in Japanese.  Guapa is beautiful in Spanish.  Mei-li is beautiful in Chinese.  Those are the words I would use to describe my three week old niece Sienna.  She’s so special, above-average in so many ways to me, because she is a combination of three nationalities.

Upon first glance, she looks really Asian.  Especially when she’s sleeping.

But when she opens her eyes, she sometimes looks Latin and other times Asian. She doesn’t cry when strangers pick her up, but she does look intently at you and perks up when you speak to her in a high pitched voice. She’s happiest when swaddled tightly like a burrito and will happily fall asleep on your chest. She’s such a mellow baby except when it’s time to change her diaper or change her clothes. During the first four hours of my visit, we had to change her diaper 4 times and her clothes 3 times. After her bath, three adults scrambled to dress her in record time to soothe her baby cries of distress which only ended after she was dressed and wrapped up tightly in a blanket.

Sienna is so beautiful — we are all enchanted by her.


6 responses to “Kirei / Guapa / Mei-li

  1. You could also use bella or bonita to describe beauty in Spanish. She’s beautiful.

  2. Wonderful to be an aunt. Many fun times ahead. Pictures are going to be snapped from now until graduation and I will NEVER tire of it. Just don’t ever ask me to change a diaper.

  3. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be an aunt…but Doug and Vanessa are just so selfish! Just kidding ; )

  4. One of the things I love about my niece is that depending on her facial expressions, she can look either Latin or Japanese or Chinese at any given moment. In the bottom picture, she looks really really Chinese. In other pics she looks Latin or like my brother when he was a baby.

  5. Does that bed come in a FULL size ??

    Wouldn’t it be cool if she could speak English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish….maybe I’ll throw in some Portuguese for free.

  6. There is a life size version of that bed that’s padded all around for adults . . . it’s called a COFFIN!

    I want to take the baby to France to learn French too.

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