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This little piggie went to the fair

The Del Mar Fair, that is.  (This is Showtime the bunny and his owner.)

It was a work outing so I got paid to go and gorge on all kinds of deep fried badness (deep fried butter, deep fried girl scout cookies, deep fried kool aid, deep fried Klondike bar, and a corndog).  In all fairness, I only enjoyed the corndog and just went along to taste all the other deep fried stuff.  I’m a purist when it comes to junk food — don’t batter it and fry it.  It’s better in a purer state.

Of course, being a city girl, the highlight for me was the barn animal exhibit.  We also paid a dollar to see a giant horse named Hercules.  He’s a Belgian horse.  I guess they know how to supersize animals there.

Also, there are rabbits and then there are Flemish rabbits which would scare most children.  These guys must weigh about 20 pounds each. Remember when Oprah carted out a wagon filled with fat to represent the sixty pounds she lost (that first time around)?  I’m trying to lose about 20 pounds so that amount of weight could be represented by one of these Flemish rabbits, carted around in a wagon. Their mass alone makes me realize what a long haul it will be to lose 20 pounds.

Regular bunnies

And of course, I can’t help but be enamoured with baby cows.

In general, I love photographing animals who I like to think of as “bad ass vegetarians” or animals who only eat vegetables but can do as much damage to you as a carnivore.  Hercules the Belgian mega horse is a bad ass vegetarian.  So was that rhino from Kenya who walked into our parking lot in Nairobi.



There are days when I wake up and spend about 15 minutes debating whether or not I want to go into work.  I’m not sick, just overworked.  I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack from all the traveling my job has required me to do lately.  Last week, I called my boss and told her I needed a day off.  I spent that day exploring La Jolla, the Children’s Cove.

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Although we were fortunate enough to see ONE cheetah during our safari (the handsome guy above), we were unable to spot the elusive and shy leopard, so this movie still from Bringing Up Baby will have to do.

Bringing Up Baby

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