Encatadora is the Spanish word for charming.  That’s the best way I can describe Spanish singer Maria Rodes.  Her video for Lo que hay que oir was playing constantly on Canal TV in Barcelona and Paris.  In spite of it’s adorable melody, it’s actually a sad song about growing tired of the person you’re with.  (At least that’s what I could gather from my crude translation of the lyrics from Spanish.)  

I have to admit, part of the appeal of this song is the windup toy sounds at the end of the song.  They remind me so much of toys I remember playing with as a small child, especially when I couldn’t sleep at night and went from room to room in the house, watching with envy as everyone else in the house was fast asleep.

Here’s Maria Rodes’s video for Lo que hay que oir, shot beautifully in some of the most recognizable spots of Paris in the wintertime.  It’s a simple yet lovely video and Maria es muy encatadora!  The “subtitle” cards will make you want to learn Spanish.


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