Sienna Month 4

I just visited my quickly growing niece.  She enjoys kicking me in the stomach as she babbles on and on about her day in baby Spanish and baby English.   It’s only month four and I’m completely taken in.


7 responses to “Sienna Month 4

  1. S i g h
    who is she giving the “look of love” to??

  2. She’s looking at her daddy, my brother. Lizet’s family tells her she has an Asian baby and I think she looks more Mexican than Asian. Lizet is taking her to get her ears pierced soon so that might tip the scale more in the Mexican direction

  3. Yah! I’ll like the earrings! What could you do to tip the scale back?

  4. She suddenly looks Asian when she smiles and her eyes crinkle. Also, her parents want to enroll her in Japanese school when she’s 4. She’s going to be more Asian than me!

  5. Hi Audrey, long time no ‘visit’ your blog. Wow your niece is so pretty and growing fast (the last time I saw her picture she was one month old). I love all the pictures you post in this blog, you are such a good photographer. Wish I could learn from you, also on how to make the mouthwatering fried chicken.

  6. It’s amazing how this photo of Sienna gets cuter and cuter the more I look at it.

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