Guess who’s coming to dinner?

I recently decided to subscribe to a CSA — a community supported agriculture subscription.  My subscription entails me picking up a box of organic fruits and vegetables from a local farm every other week.  I opted for a “small” box from a local farm in Escondido.  I stop by an art gallery in North Park and am surprised every week by what’s in the box.  Sometimes it’s great news (plump blueberries! fragrant strawberries!  avocados! plums! peaches! oh my!).  Other times it’s a bit of a letdown (4 pounds of turnips again?  mizuna — who cooks with mizuna?  fiberous basil again?).  Nevertheless, my CSA box is always a surprise every other week and it forces me to try and eat more organic veggies.

Here’s what came in this week:

two giant heads of lettuce
grape tomatoes
swiss chard
fava beans
yellow squash

I made a nice light minestrone with the carrots, fava beans and leeks. I’m sure a roasted beet salad will be in the works later on this week.


2 responses to “Guess who’s coming to dinner?

  1. WoW! Great veggies…GREAT idea! We have so many farmer’s markets in LA that it is not too difficult to support the local growers. It is still nice to have the weekly surprise and have some opportunities to sample some new foods. Hmmm anyone know of similar programs in LA area?

  2. Wow, if that is the contents of the small box, I’d love to see the large one. That’s great.

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