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First Posts

Whenever I find a new blog by accident, by referral, and usually out of sheer luck, the first thing I want to know is, what was their very first post?

Incidentally, I like to read the very last paragraph of any narrative book I pick up.   It’s not because I like spoilers — I do for movies though — but it’s because I figure the author gave a TON of thought as to how his/her book should end and I like checking that part out first.   It’s kind of like eating the best part of a whole fish first.   (That would be the cheek.)

Back to first posts.  Here are some links to the very first posts of the handful of blogs I track on a regular basis.  For me, when I re-read these first posts, I see in retrospect what keeps me coming back for more.   Here they are with commentary.

When Scott Schuman started The Sartorialist, he intended his blog to be a place to post pictures of very well-dressed men he saw on the streets of whatever country he happened to be in at the time. Thank goodness he decided to chronicle the happenings of well-dressed people of both genders.  His first post shows how beautiful his photographs are and showcase his keen attention to detail and styling.  Also, everyone in his photos happens to be drop-dead gorgeous, so be advised.

the sartorialist’s first post

* * * * *

Clotilde Dusoulier’s first post was actually an “About me” page. Therefore, I’m referring you to her third post. After reading her description of a cooking utensils outlet in Paris, it was obvious she was observant, smart, funny and passionate about cooking. Also, I admire the way she really cleaned that store out! Two published books, tons of freelance articles, an immensely popular blog and forum and a zillion posts later, Clotilde’s posts and her amazing pictures haven’t missed a beat.

chocolate and zucchini’s first post

* * * * *

When I was nine, my heart’s desire was for my mom to open up a Sanrio stationary store because all I wanted in life was to possess every single Hello Kitty product in the universe. Now, my heart’s desire is to own every single thing that Anna Melcon Bond, an incredibly talented artist, illustrator and photographer, produces. Her first post was brief, explaining that she’s starting the blog to support her new web site. The second post about her stamp collection is where her real voice comes out.

anna melcon bond’s first post

* * * * *

Before you poo-poo for being a cheesy site where people submit cutesy pictures of animals, stop being so judgmental. We all know that KFC, chili cheese dogs and french fries will kill us, but that doesn’t stop most of us from eating it (once a year in my case). After a hard day at the office, I can’t always stomach the news and all I need is a cute picture of a harmless looking baby animal . . . and this is coming from a girl who can’t stand those cutesy stationary items with pictures of cats on them.

cute overload’s first post

* * * * *

And of course, I have to make mention of Julie Powell’s first post on the Julie / Julia Project blog.  Back when blogging was in its relative infancy, Julie Powell typed out that famous first entry which would later completely transform her life and spawn a book about the project, a cookbook and finally a movie.  Controversy aside, the movie was great because it resurrected the world’s appreciation for Julia Child and it gave us another opportunity to swoon over Meryl Streep’s wonderful storytelling skills.  I get sad when I contemplate a world without Meryl Streep.

Julie / Julia Project’s first post


Hello I must be blogging


I’ve finally succumbed to blogging.  I don’t know why.  It’s probably this house I just bought.  It’s 100 years old and like me, needs a lot of work.  In the simplest of terms, we are one girl and one house.  I’ll report on what happens inside this tiny universe.