In Kenya, the Samburu men wear beautiful colors

At one of the safari lodges we stayed at, there were several Samburu men employed at the lodge.  In their work uniforms, their only tribal adornment was their beautifully beaded thick bracelets. 

Kenya was the first place I’ve ever visited where men adorn themselves with beautiful colors in their clothing and in their jewelry.  There was nothing remotely effeminate about their jewelry.  Their bracelets were thick and solid, brightly colored and stood out beautifully against the backdrop of their ebony skin.   When dressed in their tribal clothing, with red skirts, beaded necklaces and headdresses, they were even more stunning.

It’s so interesting to encounter a culture where men adorn themselves so colorfully while retaining a strong sense of their masculinity.  I once complimented one of the tribesmen on his beaded bracelet and he took  it off and offered to give it to me but I said no.   Its beauty was enhanced against the backdrop of his lean strong arm;  its charm would have been wasted on my narrow, pale wrist.

Here are some photos I found on the internet of the beautiful Samburu tribal jewelry we encountered:

Also, here’s a link to a photo of a young man featured on the fashion blog The Sartorialist.  He uses color in a way that reminds of the Samburu tribesmen in Kenya.


One response to “In Kenya, the Samburu men wear beautiful colors

  1. I’ve been looking at your pictures of the safari and really enjoyed some of the shots of the male lions. Those turned out real nice. Enjoyed reading your stories too.

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