Jane Austen’s insights on love – Part 2

Lesson no. 2 – Falling in love can be a scary, humiliating thing.

We learn from angelic Jane Bennet’s romance with Mr. Bingley that love can sometimes be a humilitating, rocky road.  When her courtship with Mr. Bingley results in his leaving the countryside instead of the proposal her family was expecting, poor Jane suffers the humiliation of abandonment.  She tries to put on a brave face after her efforts to reconnect with Bingley in London end in further loneliness and disappointment.  Happily, Jane Austen decides that Bingley will eventually come around and Jane marries him in the end.

Poor Mr. Collins.  What a great interpretation by Tom Hollander.  He seems to be convinced that he is searching for love while in reality, he’s simply searching for a wife that his patroness Lady Catherine de Bourg will approve of and ultimately boss around.  (He’s such a momma’s boy!)  Still, I felt bad for him when Lizzie rejects his proposal.  In spite of his going through the  motions of courtship, he really gets a good kick in the face by trying to be a proper suitor.  

Love is not for the faint of heart.  It can be extremely humiliating and disappointing, dragging us through mishaps and misunderstandings.  Hearts really take a beating when they’re looking for love, real or not.


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