Jane Austen’s insights on love – Part I

I love the Joe Wright production of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightly and Mathew Macfayden from 2005.    After watching it recently, I gleaned a few lessons on love from Jane Austen.

Here’s the first lesson I gleaned from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Lesson no. 1: True love can take and deliver a good beating.

Pride and Prejudice is an enduring story about two people who fall in love after beating each other over the head with the truth about each other’s flaws.  

Watching them go through this journey is a lot easier than experiencing it yourself.   

Jane Austen’s brilliance shines in the way she creates a character like Lizzie who is so likeable yet flawed, and then humbles that character through the very person she initially despises. 

Lizzie prides herself on her good judgment and yet she’s so determined to dislike Mr. Darcy when he initially rejects her.  Her determination leads her being to be taken in by Mr. Whickham’s one-sided sob story about Darcy.  Jane Austen then slams Lizzie with a realization that comes at her as gently as a falling piano.  Lizzie’s not as rational and objective as she initially thought she was.  She realizes that she’s not a very complete person.  She needs someone like Darcy.  What a humbling revelation to know that the person you like the least turns out to be the one you ultimately need.


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