I kept my word


I kept my word about making the million layer lasagne once the kitchen was functional.  Four hours later, I finally finished.  I’m tired. I probably won’t try this recipe again but I will definitely make my own homemade pasta again.  This lasagne recipe requires squares of sheet pasta that are virtually see-through.  That requires cranking your pasta through the finest setting, the most treacherous setting.  It was cool to make pasta from scratch. I think I’ll try and make a batch once a month.

I think everyone should try and make their own pasta at least once in their life. It’s a lot of fun taking eggs and flour, smashing them into a gooey mess and turning it into a ball of pasta with your own hands. And the pasta machine — it pretty much does all the work. Nothing compares to homemade pasta.




P.S. Here’s a view of the inside of the million layer lasagne. Those thin thin lasagne sheets are amazing!



10 responses to “I kept my word

  1. congrats on your fist tea and first home-made meal in your brand new growing kitchen. How very satisfying.

  2. I’m so happy to be cooking again. I can’t stand the thought of eating out. LOL!

    I love having a cup of tea in the evening. Trader Joe’s is selling those ginger snaps again, so I settle in with a stack of those and a cup of darjeeling before going to bed.

  3. wow!! that looks great. when can lizet and i come over? mom told me that everything should be done this week!

  4. The kitchen is functional. Daddy’s just going to put up the moulding and backsplash this weekend, so you and Lizet can come over for dinner any time after that. Just let me know what you want to eat!

  5. Oh Shake ‘n Bake…you out did yourself. This lasagne looks wonderful!

  6. Thanks Shake ‘n Bake! I’ll make homemade pasta again, but just not this recipe. It’s too much work!

  7. Wow you are fantastic! the lasagna looks so appetizing. And I admire so much that you even tried to make the pasta you own. Although I love cooking but I am not patient enough to make the pasta. I prefer just to buy it then cook it. Here we have a number of good pasta from Italy. However, keep the good work!

  8. Thank you wina! Actually making pasta is a bit therapeutic. Probably in the same way as baking bread is to some people.

  9. that looks wonderful, when are you making pot roast?

  10. I was actually thinking about trying Julia Child’s beouf bourguignon. It’s made with lots of wine, so it must be awesome.

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