Things that made me happy today

The kitchen is nearly done but still not functional as of today.  *sigh*

Here are some things that made me really happy nevertheless.  Of course, they’re all from Youtube.

The new Weezer video for (If you’re wondering if I want you to) I want you to makes me happy.  It’s a song that should have been subtitled “Dammit, somebody make a move!”   There’s a really nice acoustic version here.

Rivers Cuomo looks awesome sporting a Mayberry style Buddy Holly look.  Just ignore the creepy Weezer “children.”

Movies in one minute, in one take.  Forrest Gump was good, but really quite long the first time around.  I like this abridged version better.  They even captured that cheesy floating feather.

I love love love this song from Flight of the Conchords called Carol Brown.  Michel Gondry directed this episode from Season 2.  It has the trademark quirky Michel Gondry elements and a beautiful melody paired with lyrics like “Shut up girlfriends from the past!”


2 responses to “Things that made me happy today

  1. Carol Brown’s lyrics cracked me up. I need to find that on itunes.

  2. I’m glad you like Carol Brown. It has such a lovely melody. Because I don’t have cable tv or an antenna, my dad was stuck watching my DVDs from Netflix and he loved this parody of Asian karoke from Flight of the Conchords. It’s exactly what those Asian karaoke song track videos look like. To a tee!

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