Riding horses on the beach


Today we rode horses on the beach.  It was amazing.  The horses at Happy Trails are healthy, spritely and most of them love water.  After an hour of walking through a beautiful nature reserve, our horses arrived on a secluded stretch of beach where horses are allowed to walk. 

As we approached the ocean, our horses trembled with anticipation.  The cool of the breeze and the gentle crash of the waves beckoned us like a siren’s song.  Soon an endless landscape of blue waves appeared before us.  Our horses walked toward the water but it was a little chilly.  Our guide told us that in the summer time, the horses relish the coolness of the water.  After I coaxed my horse into the water and got her feet wet, she decided to retreat onto the dry sand.   Our eyes drank in the perfect blue of the ocean and sky.  Dolphins made little white caps on the waves as they sliced through the water.  The constant tides mezmerized us with its gentle crashing and retreating.  The mild sun warmed our skin just as the flowing sea breeze cooled us down. 

In due time, we left the beach and returned to the trail that led us back to the stables.  We bid goodbye to our guides and unburdened ourselves from our trusty horses.

Happy Trails Horse Rentals
2012 A Sunset Avenue
San Diego, CA 92154
(619) 443-3517







One response to “Riding horses on the beach

  1. These lovely pictures bring back fond memories of riding on the beach. As you say, the horses love it just as much as we do.

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