About my dad

My dad is the brains and brawn behind my kitchen remodeling effort.  Let me tell you a little bit about my dad. 

He doesn’t talk about his childhood probably because he didn’t have much of one.   The eldest son of seven children, he started working at a young age and never stopped.  A sense of adventure brought him from Thailand to California where he met my mom and then had my brother and me in his early 20s.  Although he’s not perfect, he has always worried about me and made an effort to take care of me, even well into my adult life.

Still, so many things separate us — age, culture, upbringing, etc.   When we clash, it’s not pretty.  It breaks my heart every time . . . and his too.   Difficult times like that remind us that in spite of our obvious ties, we are very much strangers.  But in spite of it all, time after time, he still does everything he can to take care of me.   

My dad has plans to do additional renovations to the house after the kitchen is completed.  And then after that, he wants to landscape the backyard and front yard.  Like all good fathers, he wants to give his daughter the world.  Embellishing and improving this tiny house, which encompasses the tiny universe of my life, is my father’s way of giving me the world.


2 responses to “About my dad

  1. I think this house is bringing the two of you closer.

  2. Yeah, only a really good father would put himself through what my dad’s been through. It will be a beautiful kitchen and I’ll think of my dad every time I use it.

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