The Vermont Street Pedestrian Bridge in San Diego

San Diego is a city that really appreciates pedestrians. Before moving here, the only pedestrian bridges I walked across were in Paris and London — most notably the Millenium Bridge. The city of San Diego boasts four pedestrian bridges. I’m hoping to try them all eventually.

The one closest to my house is the Vermont Street Pedestrian Bridge. It’s a steel bridge that connects the neighborhoods of University Heights and Hillcrest. It also conveniently ends in a shopping area.


The first version of this bridge was made of wood and was built in 1916. The present modern steel version was built in 1995 and included the work of three local artists on its 32 lasercut steel panels. The bridge has won several awards, including the “Orchid Award” from the American Institute of Architects. It only takes 45 seconds to walk across it, but it’s hard not to stop and look at the sun shine through the blue glass on these lasercut panels and contemplate some of the quotes.




My most beloved (driving) bridge is the one from my hometown, Pasadena, CA, the Colorado Street Bridge.


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