When good animals go bad


I’ve been thinking lately about stories of cute, normally harmless animals going bad.  Some of the worst culprits are the so-called vegetarians — pandas, chimpanzees, kangaroos, etc.  We all fear lions, bears and packs of wild dogs, but I think we’ve underestimated the danger of their vegetarian counterparts.

My own story of animals gone bad (not really bad, just a little rude) was when I got hit on the back of the head by a pelican that was coming in for a landing onto the pier at Goleta Beach, CA.  I felt some rubbery legs hitting the back of my head (the sensation was a lot like getting hit with a pair of heavy rubber gloves) and then I saw the culprint land right in front of me.  Guys love hearing this story.  I think they like the idea of Mother Nature personally extending her hand to give me a much-deserved slap upside the head.

A search on the internet dredged up a hard-to-believe compliation of stories of animals running amuck.  Squirrels on crack?  The dog who shot its owner?  Alcoholic elephants trampling a village looking for a fix?  Perhaps these stories are made up, but if they are, they’re still pretty good.  You can find them here on the Daily Mirror’s web site.



4 responses to “When good animals go bad

  1. Being hit with heavy rubber gloves, what a great description.

  2. I’ve never been hit on the head with heavy rubber gloves before, but if I am in the future, I would probably describe it as just like getting slapped by a pelican’s feet.

  3. I know what you mean! Kitty cat named Aria attacks lil Mexican girl! 🙂

  4. Aria lost one of her canine teeth so if she gets a hold of you, all she can do is press down on you with her gums.

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