My kitchen is being held hostage by Home Depot!


There’s a long backstory to this.

When I bought my 100 year old house two months ago, it came with a hideous, cave-like kitchen.  Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of it, but my dad summed it up best when he said “I wouldn’t want to eat anything coming out of that kitchen!”

Here’s a description of my former kitchen.  If you open your closet door, get in and shut the door behind you, you’ll know exactly what it was like to stand in this kitchen in the daytime.  It was pretty dark.  The cabinets had no drawers and they were coated with an inch of thick red paint, which in turn was coated with an inch of grime.  An oversized white refrigerator took up a third of the floor space and a 1970s range was blocking a third of the prefab formica countertop.  A sad paper plate was taped over a hole where some water damage marred the ceiling.   Beneath your feet, the black and white checkered linolium floor that was so groovy in the 1960s was now starting to come loose 50 years later.  Oh, and there was one outlet for the entire kitchen.

In a nutshell, my dad demolished and replaced every square inch of this kitchen with all things new and shiny.  The only thing left to do was install the kitchen cabinets, the sink and the countertop.  We ordered the kitchen cabinets from Home Depot and waited.  It’s been about 3 weeks since I ordered those cabinets and I’m still waiting.  My kitchen’s evolution from cesspool of obscure growth to Julia Child sanctuary has come to a grinding halt.  I’ve likened my situation to a hostage crisis.

According to an introductory paragraph on hostage crises and negotiation, one writer stated “Ideally, a hostage situation ends with everyone walking away (albeit with some of them in handcuffs).”  On that note, I do think Home Depot deserves to walk away from this situation in handcuffs.


3 responses to “My kitchen is being held hostage by Home Depot!

  1. At least its not Lowes. Whatever you do, don’t ever shop there. They wouldn’t help us with defective patio doors that we bought from them and basically said we were on our own when we asked them for help. This was after they charged me to have them come out on 2 occasions, tell me the first time they could help. Then on the second, change their mind. Not once, did they acknowledge any fault. I’ve boycotted Lowes and won’t ever shop there again!

  2. Sorry to hear about your patio doors. I didn’t know they had problems. They look lovely.

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