A nod to Julia Child

I finally got around to seeing the movie Julie and Julia and thoroughly enjoyed Meryl Streep’s affectionate portrayal of Julia Child.  Meryl Streep was amazing, but the other star was Julia Child’s kitchen, the one on display at the Smithsonian.  It’s so organized, efficient and cozy — all the things I hope my kitchen will be one day.


Also, I have to confess . . . I first learned about Julia Child through that Dan Akroyd parody of The French Chef on Saturday Night Live in the 70s (I was 4).  Thankfully, Julia Child adored the skit as well and reportedly enjoyed showing it to guests.

Here’s a clip from the David Letterman Show in 1987 where he actually makes reference to that skit while Julia is demonstrating how to make a hamburger.  The clip also highlights the charm and humor of Julia’s personality.

David: Have you ever cooked something Julia that just turned out awful?

Julia: Yeah. Lots of times.

David: What do you do then?  What happens?

Julia: I give it to my husband.


11 responses to “A nod to Julia Child

  1. Hi, I like the picture of Julia Child’s kitchen. You are so lucky to have seen the movie. I have only read the book “Julie and Julia” and enjoyed so much.

    I have blog on cooking too at http://cookingwithoutborders.wordpress.com

    Will visit again your blog.


  2. Thanks for your support Wina. I enjoyed your site too.

  3. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog regarding coffee. So we both are coffee lovers.

  4. Love that David Letterman and his antics with Julia. Better yet, I loved it when they played the sound effect on the steak tartare at 4:57. Love Julia’s kitchen but I also like this Pullman kitchen because of it’s simplicity and efficiency: http://www.flickr.com/photos/catskillsgrrl/380486131/

  5. Whoa! It’s amazing you can cram a kitchen into that tiny closet space! I like the jadeite pieces running on top of the cabinets. I don’t think I’ll ever be that efficient!

  6. I remember that skit too. I think we saw it in our parent’s room back in our Montebello house. Not sure what our parents were doing letting us stay up past 11pm at age 4 and 6 to watch TV. We did like watching monty python, SNL, SCTV, Benny Hill and the Goodies (i really liked this one but its really random and no one else seems to know about it).

  7. I don’t remember the Goodies at all, but I think we were the only 4 and 6 year olds in Montebello who were into British comedy. We also acquired a taste for British New Wave music by watching that show with videos featuring Richard Blade.

    Here’s a link to the Julia Child parody from SNL:

    When it comes to comedy, I think the Brits and the Canadians do it best.

  8. I vaguely remember this show. For it’s time, it was a very smart show. I think the giant kitten clip is going to give Lizet nightmares.

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